Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cross Stitch: Disney Magic- Creative Crafts for All

Nice rooster - Creative Crafts for All


White, yellow, red and black felt

Cotton rope

Plastic rings,



1-Transferir the patterns to a acetate base through a indelible fiber.Then cut the parts marked.

2-Sewing the head, beak, wings, legs and body, leaving slits to fill with fleece.

3-Sewing eyes peer and peak.

4-Joining the neck by the head and body. Then stick to the sides of the body wings through the silicon gun.

5-Then, sewing beak and eyes. For legs, cut two strips of cotton rope A tip of the rope hitting the leg and another tip to the body.

6-Cut a strip of red felt (32 x 8 cm) to makethe rooster's crest. Fold the same in 4 parties and then by half. Then cut strips along. Finally paste the ridge with silicone to rooster's head.

7-Finally, embroider the pupils of the eyes by the contour and delineate the grooves in the legs, wings and peak, with stitches backward. sew the plastic ring behind the head.